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The Tele-Prompt site is currently being completely updated and so it is temporarily offline.

You can however download the free LE Edition by completing the simple form linked below. Tele-Prompt LE is fully functional in all respects, except that there are some limitations, which are outlined below

However this LE version is quite sufficient for you to produce short audio and video introductions or presentations, 30 second “shorts” not to mention “infomercials” or commercials etc. where 30 seconds is regarded as a long time!    

It will therefore give you a unique opportunity to experience for yourself the dramatic  improvements that are possible by using Tele-Prompt in your audio and video productions. And once you have seen those benefits, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the additional features in Tele-Prompt Standard Edition: This version is designed for serious video production, webinars, podcasting, live presentations, the singer songwriter, or musician.

Commercial photographer, audio and video professional Peter Phelan
is Tele-Prompt’s contact for product sales and support

Tele-Prompt is invaluable for:

The web site is currently being updated. So I cannot show you all the features of Tele-Prompt in detail. And it will take me a while to produce all the new content, which will include videos and screencast tutorials.

So in order to compensate for this a little, I would like to make you an offer. If, having taken Tele-Prompt LE for a spin, you are keen to use the full STD Edition in your presentations, you can purchase Tele-Prompt STD Edition right now for a very special discounted price.

Of course your purchase is entirely risk free, since we offer a full 30 days Money Back Guarantee. And if you have any questions about using Tele-Prompt, either before your purchase or afterwards, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Upon completion of your purchase, you will be immediately forwarded to your download page.
Tele-Prompt is supplied as a zip file download. For security reasons this download link will only be available for a limited amount of time. And your Licence Key will be emailed to the email address used for your PayPal purchase.

All online sales by Prosoft Digital and The Imaging Company Ltd are handled via PayPal.
However you do not need a PayPal account to complete your purchase

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Commercial photographer Peter Phelan

Peter Phelan

Download Your FREE Tele-Prompt LE Now!

Tele-Prompt LE is fully functional in all respects, except that:

Tele-Prompt LE is supplied in a ZIP file, so you’ll need a utility such as Winzip to extract the contents to your computer. Having done so, double click on the file Tele-Prompt_LE.exe file to begin your installation. You will then see the screen on the left.

You’ll need to Register your copy of the software to obtain your Licence Key. So click the “Get Licence” Key button and this will take you to the LE Registration web page. fill in the same name and email address as you entered into the form above.

Your own unique Licence Key will then be emailed to you at that address. This will allow you to install Tele-Prompt LE on up to three computers and use it indefinitely; it is not time limited.

Please Note: You need to be on line during the installation process to allow the software to activate your licence.

Tele-Prompt is Windows based software. And will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Tele-Prompt LE is supplied as a software download only;
the box graphic above is merely an illustration

Tele-Prompt LE installation screen. The buttons link to a Getting Started document, the LE Registration web page and the software installation itself.

The video below shows Tele-Prompt being used in a studio setting by Steve Orme Productions on a shoot for international lighting company Elinchrom and by JFL Productions at Foremark Hall in Derbyshire.

JFL Productions was one of the first video production companies to recognise the value of Tele-Prompt and quickly found it to be a really valuable tool in helping them produce high quality corporate videos, feature length movies, DVD's, multimedia presentations and advertisements etc. Despite dreadful weather conditions with wind and rain, the historian and presenter Julian Hawtree was still able to deliver a perfect presentation!

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